We build dynamic websites for easy content management (CMS) with ad-hoc solutions developed to suit the customer, without using packaged systems that needs to be adapted to the real needs.

Not relying on pre-packaged framework, hard to suite to real customer needs, we build ad-hoc solutions, easy to use in a few minutes, just as the customer is used to working.

Here are some screens of our content management system:


Basic functionality:

  • autonomous management of text, images and attachments
  • categorization of documents (news, products , etc . )
  • immediate release
  • uniformed management interface
  • easy to learn
  • regulated access with intrusion detection system
  • md5 encrypted passwords

Some additional features as follows:

  • sorting and filtering on all fields with results pagination
  • customizable values control (including social security numbers and VAT numbers)
  • aAutomatic image resizing (not requiring the use of expensive photo editing programs)
  • shopping cart for e-commerce
  • electronic payments
  • multi language
  • protected area for files exchange
  • data import from other databases
  • export data in XML, json , csv formats
  • user level controlled access with level customization
  • operations log (login / logout , data modification , etc.)
  • search engines optimization